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Guide to Robot and Handheld Pool Vacuum Cleaner ☼ Best 2021 Reviews


Robotic & Vacuum Pool Cleaner 2021 Pool Cleaners are designed to simplify and reduce your pool maintenance workload. In offering specific cleaning solutions for both in-ground and above ground pools, we maximize pool enjoyment while minimizing maintenance chores. We offer a selection of robotic cleaners that are completely automated solutions and some handheld Vacuum Cleaner fitting all the Pools Size.


Do I need a Vacuum cleaner for my Pool ?

Consequences of Not Vacuuming

Yes indeed, since all pools both above ground & in-ground need to be vacuumed, for example theoretically you can abandon all vacuuming duties and be sure to watch your pool water look disgusting, dirty & cloudy. In other words, the process of vacuuming the pool keeps chemicals working their best, especially on a hot summer day. Another key point vacuuming is necessary to pick up the dirt and debris that has found its way to the pool bottom. In fact, the only way to clean this is to vacuum.


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Do i have to Vacuum my Pool Regularly?

Yes! To clarify as pool season reach out, your pool will be seeing more action than ever. As a matter of fact, its means you have to make sure it’s properly cleaned if you want it to last all summer long. Pool cleaning and maintenance can take a lot of different forms. But there are other ways you can keep your pool clean and operational. Pool vacuuming, especially with automatic, self-cleaning vacuums, are a great way for a hands-off cleaning approach. Vacuuming your pool is great for getting rid of unwanted debris, sands, leaves, fine dust, messes algae and mud. To summarize there are several cleaning schedules to consider when setting a cleaning session:

  • The pool vacuum should be done as needed, such as after heavy summer rain or a very windy day that causes a lot of debris to fall into the pool.

  • Regular maintenance will usually be once a week unless you had a high-use pool activity. Having a weekly cleaning routine will make vacuum cleaners more effective and will help prevent algae from developing.

  • Seasonal maintenance such as when you open for the season or are preparing for winter storage, are two great moments to vacuum. If you are thorough enough in closing your pool for the winter, less you will need to do to open in the summer.

  • The heavy use of your pool will cause more debris to flow into your pool. Consider heavy use as a great party or a week of consecutive use. The more people you have running in and out of the pool means more debris carrying in.

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What are the advantages of Robot Pool Cleaners?

Both Automatic and robotic vacuums, are self-cleaning machines that run on electricity to clean your pool floor and lower pool walls. These automatic machines offer the same type of cleaning you get from a manual pool vacuum cleaner, but they take out most of the manual work.  There are several advantages of robot pool cleaners:

  • At first, time-efficient, if you get an automatic pool cleaner then it will do almost all the work for you. Regardless of what model of Robot pool cleaner you go for, all you need is to turn it on, and you can walk away while it works. A handheld vacuum pool cleaner will require you to vacuum the pool yourself. Depending on the size of your pool, this task could take a very long time, which could be better spent doing other things. 
  • Robotic cleaners do not run on pool circulation but on electricity, great for small debris and silt
  • As a result, Robot pool cleaners require significantly less effort to use. Pool robots still need to be removed from the water when not in use, to avoid corrosion or other water damage, but this task is minimal compared to the effort required to clean a pool manually.
  • To put in other way, saying that the larger your pool is, the longer it will take to clean. Robot Pool Cleaners saving you more time and effort in the long run, leaving YOU with less work and more time to get in the water.
  • In summary, Robotic pool cleaners do not need to be attached to your pool and run on very little power consumption and they are capable of cleaning nearly all types of debris.

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What are the advantages of Handheld Pool Cleaners?

Handheld Pool Cleaners all things considered can be indispensable to properly maintain your pool, for some reason like typhoon or heavy rain these excessive weather situation will tosses large amount of leaves, sand and other debris that can result of algae problem and therefore a used of the handheld Pool Vacuum cleaner is necessary. For most part of Handheld devices consists of vacuum head, Filter cone with stainless steel mesh, Pole connector, Clip-in brushes, debris filter, Battery charger, then submerge the vacuum inside the pool to filter the water and sucks the debris on the bottom of the pool. There are several advantages of handheld pool cleaners:

  • In contrast with small manual vacuum pool cleaner, powerful and micro mesh filter handheld pool cleaner can remove algae efficiently.

  • Furthermore, it is obviously very useful for spot cleaning, it can be used quickly before a swim or before a party.

  • Nevertheless, the best advantages of the handheld pool cleaner are the price. With a large range of different products in the market all budget can meet.

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    For any Intex or Bestway above-ground Swimming Pool, Spa, kiddies Pool, the Kokido products is just what you need, debris and sand will be no match for it.

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     For any Intex or Bestway above-ground Swimming Pool, Spa, kiddies Pool, the Kokido Automatic Pool Vacuum or Robot Pool Cleaner is just what you need to clean your pool debris and sand will be no match for it.