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Showing 1 - 24 of 72 products
kokido Roller Bracket for EV105
Sale price187.000 VND

Replacement Bottom Wheels (3pcs) for Voltera 105 (EV105)
Metal Handle Pole Connector for Voltera 105 (EV105)
kokido Roller Bracket for EV95
Sale price187.000 VND

kokido Roller Bracket for EV90/105
Sale price187.000 VND

Underneath brush (2pcs) for Telsa 90 (EV90)
Replacement Bottom Wheels (3pcs) for Telsa 90 (EV90)
Handle Telescopic Pole Connector for Telsa 90 (EV90)
EU Adaptor for EV10/15/30/31/35/40 and RC126 EU Version
Flat Suction Head with Brush for Telsa 05 (EV05)
Filter Bag for Telsa 05 (EV05)
USB adaptor for  EV01/02/05/06 (EU version)
Replacement filter Cage
kokido Replacement filter Cage
Sale price409.000 VND

Charging Cable for Telsa 40 (EV40)
Bottom Brush for Telsa 40 (EV40)
Filter bag with foam for Telsa 40 (EV40)

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