Which types of pool systems to choose?

Which types of pool systems to choose?

Are you planning to have a pool in your backyard but need help deciding which type to choose?

Let me help you out! Different types of pool systems are available in the market, and each has unique features and drawbacks. Chlorine pools are the most popular pool system worldwide. It's because the chemistry of chlorine helps fight germs and keep the pool water sanitized.

However, it does have its side effects. High amounts of chlorine gas can be hazardous to your breathing, requiring a lot of monitoring and testing to ensure its safety for human use. Consider a saltwater pool if you're looking for an alternative to traditional chlorine pools. Even though it contains chlorine, a saltwater pool is cleaned through a salt chlorine generator filtration system. It converts salt in the water into chlorine, which cleans the pool. However, saltwater pools are more expensive to maintain than chlorine pools and require 24/7 running to keep the water clean.

UV disinfection can help reduce chlorine use, but it's not entirely chlorine-free. Ultraviolet rays kill bacteria, but there is still a chance that the remaining water in the pipes may contain bacteria that will contaminate the disinfected water once it returns to the pool. Therefore, many systems still rely on adding chlorine as a backup sanitation.

Finally, there are entirely chemical-free ozone pool systems, which are pretty expensive. Ozone pools operate with a separate holding tank that disinfects the water with ozone before returning it to the pool. However, ozone is hazardous and lethal if inhaled or enters the pool, so it's not a common choice.

So, which pool system would you choose?